Break On Through to the Other Side

There’s a scene in Armageddon (what you don’t enjoy cheesy Michael bay action/disaster films with super fake scenarios that would never work except in a movie? Then get out of here!) where the drillers…hang on, if you haven’t watched this movies then let me say SPOILERS…have to get to a certain point in the asteroid. The only way to do that is to keep pushing through the gas pockets and iron and all that shit until bam, there they are at the depth they need to be to save the world!

Cue Aerosmith song.

That’s what I feel like when I am writing. I have this plot, this idea, the end, the characters, some funny stuff, a training montage…but I just need to write in order to get there. I find myself pausing in front of my laptop, fingers hovering over the keys, frozen, until I internally yell, “Just write. Just get words written down. You will come back later and fix them.”

Just keep drilling.

It’s shitty. The words suck. But, I need to get it out of my head. Once it’s all out I can go back and fix things. I try to remind myself my first book looked NOTHING like it does now. I have to thank my sister for reading that first dreadful copy which I sent to her without re-reading. Just hit The End, then send. Oh how I regret that.