That Naked Dream

We have all had it right, that one where you are in front of a crowd or your friends and you’re naked? And all you can think is how exposed you feel.

It really is a terrible feeling.

Letting other people read words I have written down makes me feel naked. I want to write books people read, obviously. Except, when people actually start reading my stuff, well, that’s when shit gets real.


The Luckiest is officially live and for sale on Amazon. I posted about it on my Facebook last night and I had a whole bunch of friends share the link and noticed on their links people commenting “Oh I bought it, it sounds cute”, etc. Holy shit, strangers are buying something I wrote!

This is as bad as the naked dream except it is real life, folks.

Please let it be worth the $1.99! I mean, people get crappy food from fast food joints for $1.99, right? Buy my book, it is healthier for you than an order of french fries and maybe cheaper depending on where you are eating!


The Luckiest

I have attempted to write the Great American Novel more times than I would like to admit. I get into a novel, get it started, and then my interest immediately wanes. Writing is no easy feat.

After several failed attempts I figured I would listen to the old “write what you know” idea. I tweaked it a bit and changed it to “write what you would like to read”.

I like romance novels. I like happily ever after. I like there to be a little bit of sexual tension. I like couples falling in love.

That’s what I attempted to write. A light book. One you can devour while snuggled up on your couch or sunbathing on the beach. I wanted it to be a book you can finish and think, “well, that was nice.”

Here’s hoping.

The Luckiest by Margaret Berger